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From B2B to B2C, strategic change approach in a new era

B2C it’s not exclusive for Ecommerce, it has a lot on common with the Omnichannel strategy.

After that, there are many Q&A before or during the journey to B2C:

  • What are my motivations for considering a strategic change?
  • What objective is the company looking for?
  • Is my product attractive enough?
    • Do I have brand awareness?
    • What is the competition doing? One of the most useful tools is the Brand Passion Index (BPI), which helps brands compare themselves with the competition.
    • Is it a potentially “native” product for marketing, retail or online sales?

BPI competition between the main computer players: Macintosh, Lenovo, IBM and HP¹.

  • Is it viable from an operations point of view? 5 facts to take int account²:

As a final reflection, we want to emphasize the management paradox that is valid for a B2C model, but perhaps not capable or with sufficient availability to approach and manage this completely different strategic approach with success guarantees.

The only option that guarantees a successful execution of the project is the commitment to external professionals who can support each company during this unknown journey; honestly, this doesn’t mean an assurance of sales results / margin / ROI, etc … but it does bring the right execution of the business plan according to the variables previously described.

Howdazz is a consulting firm specialized in Operations and SCM that helps the design and execution of projects from the side of its clients.

Author: Luis Perdiguero
Publication date: 30 November 2020

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