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Urgent tender for a 3PL selection

Primaprix requested us to run a 3PL selection process to fulfill the capacity and operations defined in the strategic model for 2019-2026.

Strategic design of a logistic director plan 2019-2026

Primaprix is ​​a supermarket chain with the ‘outlet’ format that exclusively works with prime manufacturer brands with discounted prices. Primaprix opened its first store in December 2014, in April 2019 it counted with 44 stores and we designed a model to evolve logistics to reach more than 300 stores in 2026.

Web operations review and optimization

The client asked us to review their web operations with the aim of improving their processes in order to achieve greater customer satisfaction and increase sales. The client wanted a new strategic approach to their website where the commitment to e-commerce, online communication, web positioning and loyalty through social networks became its most important global marketing tool.