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Design of auxiliary material warehouse

Legumbres Luengo

Legumbres Luengo is a Spanish company leader in the pulse industry with more than a hundred years of history.

That means they offer a wide range of high quality dried and cooked pulses not only for Spanish market but for international consumers too. Their factories are located in Riego de la Vega and Onzonilla, both in León province.

The Project

The client requested us the analysis and definition of infrastructures and handling processes of auxiliary manufacturing materials.  For this, a study was made considering the quantity to be consumed of auxiliary material by manufacturing lot, taking into account the defined stock policies (project made for finished product).

With this, the security stock and order point levels were defined to calculate the target stock and the volumes to store. By identifying the material flows in the warehouse, the rotation of the references and the existing infrastructure, we configure the warehouse layout, the necessary storage equipment and the detail of the location of each of SKU, guaranteeing a percentage of occupancy that would allow the forecasted business growth.

The Results

The client started up projects for the acquisition of the necessary racks for the finished goods warehouse while continuing with its operations