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Logistic and technology vendor selection

The use of a formal process to request a proposal from operation or technology vendors include many advantages.

In a search of a fulfilment vendor for e-commerce operations where we contacted 22 vendors, we found that:

  • The annual cost of the worst option was 514% more expensive than the cheapest one.
  • None of the three most expensive proposals stood out for the technical assets.
  • One of the three cheapest options included the most adequate technical infrastructures.

In technology selection, we help clients to avoid the following mistakes:

  • Contracting a selection process to a company with implementation capabilities of one or some solutions to be evaluated.
  • Non-inclusion of international solutions among the analyzed ones.
  • Non-inclusion of international sources of information about the state-of-the-art of technology.
  • Lack of search of innovation among start-ups.
  • Considering ambiguous answers to functional requirements as valid ones.
  • To feel attracted by the dazzle of functionalities without application to client needs.