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Strategic design of a logistic director plan 2019-2026


Primaprix is ​​a supermarket chain with the ‘outlet’ format that exclusively works with prime manufacturer brands with discounted prices.

Primaprix opened its first store in December 2014, in April 2019 it counted with 44 stores and we designed a model to evolve logistics to reach more than 300 stores in 2026.

The Project

Primaprix asked us to develop their logistic director plan to support their growth strategy for the next 5-7 years.

Current distribution operations were analyzed, products, volumes by store and formats in several axis as temperature, food/drugstore products, replenishment frequency and geographical development.

Logistic movements projections were calculated according to the company’s expansion plan. Warehouse sizing and operational model were calculated too.

Milestones were identified to know when changes in the operational model were required to increase the efficiency or the service level.

The Results

An operational logistic model was delivered including an improvement plan by year related to operational volumes outreach allowing a scale change.

The plan was presented by Howdazz and the CEO to the Board of Primaprix and it was approved.

Primaprix is applying this model and successfully achieving their aggressive store opening plan.