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System integration strategy for digital transformation

Many companies work with different information systems connected among them through interfaces and most of them don’t work in real-time.

Existing information technologies have allowed our clients to grow to their current position in the market. At the same time, they perceive their technology is a burden that prevents them to generate the solutions their clients require at the speed they request.

Our clients usually face the following challenges:

  • They must handle new data their current systems can not work with.
  • If they include new data, they have to rework existing interfaces to incorporate these new fields.
  • New cloud-based solutions are easy to implement and solve new process requirements but they work with integration models based on APIs and webhooks that their “old” systems don’t support.
  • It is becoming more and more necessary to handle real-time or close to real-time data, especially in e-commerce operations.

We help our clients to make a diagnostic of their situation, develop an integration strategy and prioritize actions according to the company strategic plan.

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