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Transport cost analysis and control

Juan Luna

Juan Luna is a European leading company in meat and cheeses cutting and packaging. They offer a wide variety of products presented in different formats with their own brand or with distributors’.

In 2020, Juan Luna operated for more than 10 European countries.

The Project

The client requested an analysis of the transport activity to improve its management and control.

Among the activities we did, the service level was measured for each transport company, we analyzed the rates and prioritized the suppliers by destination and type of load. The most appropriate assignment of carriers was done following the interests of the company.

Another line of work was the invoices analysis of the main carriers for the previous year that allowed us to identify incidents in the billing (weight and rates) to communicate them and claim them from the transport providers.

We proposed to start up a transport invoice control process and to carry out an automated analysis using a control tool, which allows them to identify billing problems in a very short time and make a claim if necessary.

Tools delivered:

  • Invoice control tool.
  • Transport rates simulator.
  • Total comparison of different carriers.
  • Deliveries tracking tool.
  • Transport database to enable statistics, KPIs and dashboards.

The Results

  • 6% of errors detected in the previous year billing analysis of the main carriers. These issues were claimed to transport companies to start negotiations.
  • Choice of optimal transport for future deliveries.
  • Implementation of transport invoice review and claim process.
  • Creation of a transport database enabling KPIs as transport cost Km-Tn by clients, areas and transport carriers.
  • Reduction of total transport cost per ton and kilometer transported, due to the optimal supplier allocation and due to tariff reductions as a result of the suppliers comparison and KPIs generated.