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Urgent tender for a 3PL selection


Primaprix requested to run a 3PL selection process to fulfill the capacity and operations defined in the strategic logistics model for 2019-2026.

The Project

We ran a selection of a logistics provider according to the requirements and capabilities defined in the strategic design of the logistics model.

We completed all steps of a standard RFQ: specifications preparation, qualification of capabilities in storage and order fulfillment of the companies to be invited, as well as stores delivery capabilities.

We coordinated the following activities:

  • Definition of selection and evaluation criteria.
  • Booking meetings and visits to suppliers.
  • Comparison of responses.
  • Supplier evaluation matrix.
  • Final report with recommendations for the final decision making.

The Results

Tender preparation and execution in a record period of 30 days to solve existing capacity problems.

Decision-making had to be done urgently with the guarantee that the logistics provider successfully covered the requirements.