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Web operations review and optimization

Douglas Spain

Douglas is an international beauty, parfum and cosmetic retail chain with German origin. It counts with more than 2.000 stores in Europe and more than 20.000 employees. In Spain, its network consists of more than 300 stores and a distribution center. All articles are supplied to stores from the distribution center.

The Project

The client asked us to review their web operations with the aim of improving their processes in order to achieve greater customer satisfaction and increase sales. The client wanted a new strategic approach to their website where the commitment to e-commerce, online communication, web positioning and loyalty through social networks became its most important global marketing tool.

They were finalizing a merge and acquisition process integrating different brands (Juteco, BodyBell and IF) with employee adjustments and store closings (from 400 physical stores to 325. Their e-commerce  had problems to meet the demand during campaigns and its reputation in the social networks were very resentful.

The Results

Howdazz figured out different areas of improvement.

  • Expansion and assurance of the stock of your catalog, for this purpose you designed a replenishment and reserve stock algorithm within your ERP; this was based on historical series of annual and seasonal sales.
  • Creation and reporting of daily and weekly dashboards where to monitor the operations and control the performance of the different actions.
  • A LEAN  philosophy was implemented within its processes where it was tried to simplify and apply automation to a multitude of tasks that were being developed manually

It was achieved in 12 weeks to ensure the availability of its catalog up to 95% (starting from 60%) increasing it by 10%.

Sales increased by 25% YoY performing  Single’s day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas 2018 campaigns with total success in their operations.