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E-commerce operation design

We help answer the following questions:

  • What services should be offered to clients?
  • What assortment should be proposed?
  • What service level are clients expecting?
  • Where should orders be fulfilled?
  • Is it required to count with own stock or vendor inventory will be enough?
  • Is a warehouse required? What size? What processes will it handle? Does it require automation? What kind of automation?
  • What technologies are required?
  • How activity peak in Black Friday is managed?
  • How should returns be managed?
  • What indicators will be key to control the operation?
  • Is it possible to subcontract the logistics? To whom?
  • What is order fulfilment cost going to be?
  • What is order delivery cost going to be?

For those clients on a hurry or the ones, who want to save the cost of learning from errors, we can also define the operation lay-out, required processes, equipment and technologies and make their operation start.