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Definition and implementation of an European Logistics model for 24h/48h service

Yodeyma Parfums

Yodeyma is a fragrance manufacturer that distributes to 17 European countries. This brand has more than 20 years of experience and it was born to allow anyone the access to a luxury perfume.

The Project

We executed a logistics improvement mission with an Interim COO contract, covering:

Stock control:
-Matching movements between WMS and ERP.
-Training of team in correct movements.
-Physical counting in 17 European warehouses.

Logistics network:
-Control of operations at DC and transport to European warehouses.
-Layout enhancement.

Replenishment model:
-Definition of MIN/MAX by SKU.
-Definition of shipment frequencies.
-Calendar of replenishment shipments.
-Daily review of stock-outs until 0.

Transport management:
-Tool selection to track deliveries.
-Integration model definition with the selected tool.

The Results

We delivered and implemented a new logistics model that achieved:

  • 99,97% inventory accuracy (counting vs ERP) across 17 European warehouses.
  • Out of Stocks elimination while keeping stock targets.
  • Coordination of Supply Chain activities under unique management, responsible for S&OP, logistics and service level.