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Processes improvement, lay-out and organization for the Crossdock warehouse


GOI is a 3PL that offers transport services for bulky items. They provide the transport, installation and assembly of furnitures and appliances according to customers’ needs. They also take charge of  dismantling and recycling the old ones that are being replaced.

The Project

Goi was looking for the improvement of their service level in a peak activity period in their X-dock warehouse, which works 7/7.

During the 1st week, returns were speeded up to get free space in the warehouse, also a new lay-out and operational model were defined.

The new lay-out was implemented in the 2nd week and new processes for orders reception, storage, fulfilment and expedition were defined and implemented too.

During the 3rd week, the lay-out and visual controls were fine tuned. Personnel were trained and a clean warehouse was a result. Training reinforcement and a study of personnel requirements was done during the last week.

The Results

A new operating model was designed and implemented. Being scalable and suitable for new clients and volumes, achieving:

  • 100% of received orders were informed in the system the same day.
  • 100% of received orders were identified properly.
  • 100% of planned orders were delivered on time.

Although it was out of the scope, personnel requirements were notably reduced.